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Honesty, Integrity, Quality 

Our goal at T.I.H. Environmental, LLC is to provide our clients with solutions that are efficient and effective.

Since 2002, we have been working in the field of Spill Protection and Mitigation, Environmental  Assessments and Environmental Management, with the focus on improving the look, feel, and workability of environmental plans and reports. Our goal is providing a product that is not only professional and is easy to read and understand, but it meets exacting EPA, ISO 14001 and NFPA requirements in a cost effective and timely manner. Today it seems that air quality concerns are quickly moving to the forefront of the public forums across the US. Here in Texas the EPA and TCEQ are targeting  Shale Operators with complicated emissions forms to assess the impact of the Oil and Gas industry on Global Warming. We are here to help you solve all your permitting needs with the RRC and TCEQ as well as provide you with the plans and reports you need for meeting EPA requirements in state or out of state.
Whatever your needs are always feel free to call and allow us the opportunity to give you the best product and services on the market at the best price. Remember, advice is always free and may save you thousands in wasted fees for unnecessary work or it may save you from having subpar work done that costs you extra money in the long run.

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